DigiROI Marketing can help find consumers shopping for home & Garden and home related services where they’re engaged—on their desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

4 in 5 people use search engines to find local information. 50% of those who search for a local store, visit it that same day. 18% who search for local store make a purchase that same day. Mobile search is growing fast across the Home Service Industry. Over halve of all searches will come from mobile. Home & Garden % of queries by device: smart phone 30%, Tablet 13% and desktop 57%. Source: Google Internet Data

DigiROI Marketing Category Targeting and technology is the most effective and turn-key way to get your message in front of consumers shopping for home & Garden and home related services.

We can target consumers shopping for home & Garden and home related servicesacross the web and through Geo-Fencing/Micro-Proximity technology and follow them home with Device ID marketing. We deliver your message to consumers meeting your criteria through OmniChannel Video and Display, Content Marketing, Behavioral Targeting, Search Retargeting, IP Targeting, Micro Proximity/Geo Fencing, Device ID, OTT/Connected TV, Pre-Roll Video, You Tube, Video Bundled Strategies, Programmatic Audio, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, SEO, SEM/PPC/Google Ads, Social Media, Audience Targeting, Geo Targeting, Ongoing Insights/Measurements – and more.

Increase store foot traffic and home & Garden/home related services sales with DigiROI Marketing!

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