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DigiROI Marketing can help your campaign reach elusive local voters where they’re engaged – on their desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


of political spending for digital advertising 2018

$1 Billion

Estimated amount spent on social media advertiisng in 2019

Source: Borrell estimates

DigiROI Marketing Category Targeting and Technology is the most effective and turn-key way to get your message in front of active registered voters who are most likely to act upon your message.

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We can target your ad with voters across the web and through OmniChannel Video and Display, Content Marketing, Behavioral Targeting, Search Re-Targeting, IP Targeting, MicroProximity / Geo-Fencing, Device ID, OTT / Connected TV, Pre-Roll Video, YouTube, Video Bundled Strategies, Programmatic Audio, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, SEO, SEM / PPC / Google Ads, Social Media, Audience Targeting, Geo Targeting, Ongoing Insights / Measurements – and more.

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