Let the experts at DigiROI Marketing help your brand effectively target and reach active shoppers using their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

35% of 2017 ecommerce sales in the U.S. are Mobile and 77% of American’s own a smartphone.

We can target your customers when they are inside your competitors’ locations through OmniChannel Video and Display, Content Marketing, Behavioral Targeting, Search Retargeting, IP Targeting, Micro Proximity/Geo Fencing, Device ID, OTT/Connected TV, Pre-Roll Video, You Tube, Video Bundled Strategies, Programmatic Audio, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, SEO, SEM/PPC/Google Ads, Social Media, Audience Targeting, Geo Targeting, Ongoing Insights/Measurements – and more.

Increase foot traffic to your store with DigiROI Marketing!

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