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DigiROI Marketing can help find consumers who are looking to travel for business and/or pleasure where they’re engaged – on their desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones


of travelers use the internet for leisure trip inspiration. A majority of travelers use multiple devices when researching travel. 32% smartphones, 11% tablets, 57% desktops.
Beyond price, leisure travelers seek destinations with relevant and varied activities. Most important features when choosing destinations (extremely/very important): 85% price, 73% activities specific to my interest, 64% past experience with destination, 62% variety of activities, 59% can relate to location, and 57% promotion. Source: Google Internal Data.
DigiROI Marketing Category Targeting and Technology is the most effective and turn-key way to get your message in front of consumers who are looking to travel for business and/or pleasure.
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We can target consumers who are looking to travel for business and pleasure across the web and through Geo-Fencing/Micro-Proximity technology and follow them home with Device ID marketing. We deliver your message to consumers meeting your criteria through OmniChannel Video and Display, Content Marketing, Behavioral Targeting, Search Re-Targeting, IP Targeting, MicroProximity / Geo-Fencing, Device ID, OTT / Connected TV, Pre-Roll Video, YouTube, Video Bundled Strategies, Programmatic Audio, Email Marketing, Website Optimization, SEO, SEM / PPC / Google Ads, Social Media, Audience Targeting, Geo Targeting, Ongoing Insights / Measurements – and more.

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