1. 5% Of Total time spent online.

2. 52% Of viewers have taken action after watching video online.

3. 35% Of YouTube viewers have purchased something they saw advertised on YouTube.

4. 40 MIN average time spent/mobile session.

5. 2nd Largest search engine in the world after Google.

Types of Content on YouTube

Product Reviews - Watching product reviews is the dignified form of window shopping today – only, you don’t have to leave your room. During a product review, a content creator features a newly released product. Towards the end of the video, they’d put it to the test and share their insights with their viewers.

How-To Videos- A “How-to?” video is an instructional type of content that breaks down a certain task into easy-to-follow steps. You know how easy it is to follow a recipe with pictures, right? Well, videos make it even easier through guided demonstrations.

Q&A Videos- Q&A videos are among the most popular and engaging types of video on YouTube. They’re considered audience-centric because your viewers have the power to ask you their most burning questions.

YouTube Targeting Options

Frequency Targeting :

Control frequency, limiting or increasing the number of times your ad is viewed.

Contextual Targeting:

Only interact with a user interested/viewing content relevant to the target consumer.

Day Parting:

Control when a user is able to see your sale message.

Behavioral Targeting:

Target consumers based on their behavior and tracked interest online.

Demographic Targeting:

Target a specific age, income and/or gender when trying to reach your consumers.

Geographic Targeting:

Target a user based on their location, available at zip, city, state, country and radius. Custom geo fencing also available.

Keyword targeting:

Target a user based on keywords they have searched on YouTube or Google. Let the digital experts at DigiROI create a digital ad plan that meets your needs and business goals. For more information and no commitment consultation contact DigiROI Marketing.

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